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Are you ready for Halloween? Have you effectively taken steps to keep your smile safe against any damage that may arise? Remember that biting into candy apples or popcorn balls can easily chip or crack teeth, so exercise caution. In addition, practice discretion with the amount of sugars you consume, as they can easily cause enamel erosion. For additional help, dental sealants can be applied to your teeth to help protect them for as long as 10 years before a new coating will need to be applied.

Dental sealants are thin coatings applied to your teeth, especially on your chewing surfaces, to help prevent tooth decay, dental erosion, cavities, and numerous other oral elements that arise from harmful acids. Dental sealants are most effective on your premolars and molars and can effectively keep your teeth safe for many years to come.

Studies have shown that dental sealants effectively prevent cavities and lower your risk for tooth decay by as much as 80%. Furthermore, they’ve been proven safe and effective in children and adults alike. An application on the chewing surfaces of a child’s molars can help them become three times less likely to develop tooth decay in teeth that are protected. Dental sealants can be used on children as young as six, or whenever their first molars begin to grow in. To keep you and your loved one’s smiles safe this holiday season, consider a dental sealant application today.

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