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A porcelain dental crown can be an excellent choice if you need a tooth repaired and are looking for an aesthetic and long-lasting solution. Thanks to advancements in dentistry, Dr. John Aston can provide you with a custom-made porcelain dental crown in two quick visits to JDA DMD, LLC.

First Visit
First, our team will perform a thorough examination of your tooth and surrounding structure to gauge its health and ensure it can support a dental crown. If Dr. John Aston determines that your tooth has sufficient structure, he will shape the tooth to better accommodate the dental crown, such as removing some structure or building it up.

Also during this visit, we will create high-quality impressions of your teeth that will act as models for the new dental crown. The key to a long-lasting, comfortable, and natural-looking dental crown is an accurate dental impression.

Between Visits
Following your initial visit, we send the smile impression to a dental lab, where experienced dental technicians use them and porcelain material to create the final dental crown product. Once ready, the crown is sent to our office, ready to be attached to your smile.

Second Visit
At the second visit, we place the dental crown on your smile to gauge its fit and feel. The crown is still removable at this point so that we can make changes if needed. When both you and the dentist approve of the crown’s feel and appearance, we cement the crown to your tooth, and you can wear your new smile home.

We invite you to contact JDA DMD, LLC at 201-444-1048 today to schedule your initial visit for a porcelain dental crown in Ridgewood, New Jersey.